Nevada Luxury Companion - Alice Little, Alicja z Krainy Czarów...

Nevada Luxury Companion - Alice Little, Alicja z Krainy Czarów...
Hello, and welcome to my website! I’m Alice Little, the #1 Companion of the Year at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. I’m a petite, Irish lady standing just 4’8″ tall! I am often described as vibrant, intelligent, kind, friendly, and warm. Putting other’s at ease comes naturally to me- so I know we will become fast friends!
As you visit my website, I encourage you to learn more about me, the experiences I provide, and to read through my various blog posts. You’ll discover i’m a very unique individual even amongst my fellow sex workers! Over my career, I’ve been honored to receive a number of awards that reflect the quality of service that I provide. Each encounter is intimate, personal, and incredibly erotic. As the two-time  #1 Companion of the Year , you can relax and trust in my experience and expertise. In addition to an array of glowing reviews, I am an internationally acclaimed Sex and BDSM Presenter.
My philosophy is that intimacy is a need, and far too often that need goes unmet. I seek to fill that particular need, as well as fulfill many other roles. Have something on your bucket list? Let’s cross it off. Looking to lose ‘It’? Virgins are always welcome in my bedroom. Struggling with an ED condition? Let my expertise be of comfort. My services aren’t limited to just men- I often spend time with couples and single women too! Sexually, I love to explore. I’m bi-sexual, and always excited for an encounter involving two girls! Roleplay, kink, and fetish are just some examples of the types of play I personally enjoy. I’m very open minded, and would love to hear about what you have in mind for the two of us!
Please keep in mind that my services are available by appointment only. As a Carson City Local, I’m often available with as little as an hour’s notice! Simply reach out to me via e-mail at alicelittle@bunnyranch.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting you soon!
I enjoy good conversation especially when that includes enjoyable company! I am comfortable in any situation and would love to show you some of my favorite places around town. Sexually, my desires are varied but my greatest pleasure comes from knowing that you’re enjoying yourself too! I enjoy kissing, touching, mutual massages, and trying new positions. If there’s something you’d like to try, just let me know! I’m very open to discussing your fantasies, and turning them into reality.

New Orleans Gentlemen's Club - negative customer feedback

New Orleans Gentlemen's Club - negative customer feedback
There are two Ukrainian mermaids blond and a brunette. Avoid them like plague cause they will scam you in seconds and drag u underwater. Also I haven’t been told there is mandatory 10% tip which I realised when had to pay a hefty bill, the bar lady just put me in front of the fact. Also the girls will try to drag you on second floor saying it’s just a chill area, but if ur drunk they will try to make u order expensive Champagne there, so thankfully wasn’t that drunk to say no. Also Jack Daniels tastes very different, I suspect they water it up. First ever night out in Warsaw and felt tossed over. Will look elsewhere for better experience on day 2. Definitely avoid if you’re a foreigner! P.s normally I don’t leave reviews.

Jessica - Escort Rome

Jessica - Escort Rome
Jessica is new here and she truly is one of a kind. With her model-type body and exceptionally pretty features, she's already gaining a lot of attention as Russian escort in Rome. This Eastern European beauty may only be 22 but she certainly knows a thing or two. When asked what's one of her favourite things to do, she very quietly responded with "teasing". Jessica loves nothing more than to tease her clients over a glass of the bubbly stuff before taking them back to let their wildest fantasies come true. She will adapt to any dream or need you could have and will satisfy you from top to bottom. Once you meet her, there's no turning back. You will fall in love completely and will never want her to be far from you. Sound like your kind of date? Then contact us today to book the night of your life!


If you decide to visit a night club for men, then our place will be the perfect place for a good rest. Our dancers are professionals in their field, who is able to lead the audience from the first minute of their performances.
Want to feel all the passion and the rush of sexual emotions? In our strip club for men you can observe incredibly graceful and erotic dance, when luxurious seductress sets forth an invisible contact with anyone from the hall.
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German Tabloid BILD Featuring Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo

German Tabloid BILD Featuring Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo
Porn couple Marcello Bravo and Little Caprice, who are currently cooperating with star director Greg Lansky, are continuing on their path to success. After their appearance at last year’s VENUS and numerous gigs worldwide, Germany’s biggest and extremely influential tabloid BILD has just published a large portrait of the two.
According to BILD, the two Austrian porn stars have meanwhile earned millions. In the current industry climate, this alone is a real accomplishment. But the couple is also busy and hard-working in all areas – from their own PR to the choice of business partners to the forming of their own production company: they both know the business and know what matters.
And now BILD. An article in the large-circulation tabloid and in the subscription section of the digital edition is likely to attract an audience of millions. This means that they will continue to attract a great deal of attention in the future.
In other words, the best prerequisites for driving their careers to new heights both internationally and in the German-speaking world in 2019.

A Night Without Politics

A Night Without Politics
That night, Rachana waited at his apartment door before knocking.
Standing there for the moment, she began to question everything, her entire play for power.
Should she take them out of the political arena? The Governor and the state legislators had worked out deals, faced off in the news media and in speeches all over the state. People from both sides debated their viewpoints before formal and informal meetings and government committee hearings. They had even long discussed controversial issues at the bar.
Rachana was in the thick of those debates. However, she had never been laid, on the couch, with a senator below her. She knew she had a moment to leave. But she knew, if Johnny opened the door, Rachana Shah, senior advisor to the Transportation Commissioner, would have gone to a new place.
“What am I thinking!” she chided herself. She smoothed out her tight black dress and thought of the lace panties and matching bra she was wearing. Her hands ran down her figure to her hips, and her eyes continued down her body to the tiger-print heels, the pair he loved.
She questioned herself for even thinking about Johnny tonight. “This is a cut to all the work I’ve done in my career,” she whispered under her breath. “I’ve got to leave, I can’t do this.”
The sexy woman turned away from the door. Yet, as life often forces people to make tough choices, she had to make a such a decision, because the door opened.
“Rachana? I’m surprised to see you at my place. And, wow! You look lovely— to say it politely.”
Looking over her shoulder, she saw him, in a pair of sports shorts and a tight shirt, propped against the doorway, like a teenager boy leans on his new car.
“I’ve got to go,” Rachana mumbled, “I’m, uh, late for a meeting.”
“In that outfit?” He smiled. “I can be the chauffeur, as long as you sit in the front seat by me.”
“I only ride in the back when I’m being chauffeured, Senator.”
He stood straight and tall. “That can be arranged, Ms. Shah, riding in the back. But you know as well as I do there is no meeting. Come inside for a drink, or something. No need to get dressed up for nothing.”
She realized the choice had been made for her. She had led herself here and now she had to finish.
“Maybe for a little bit.”
Johnny’s house smelled like chocolate brownies. She drifted around living room, getting a read on the private side of the young senator’s life. She took a seat in the middle of Johnny’s dark leather couch. It was stiff, not often used. She looked around the apartment in her nervousness. Nothing too much stood out. He had a large TV. A mirror hanged above the couch. The latest issue of Reader’s Digest was on a stand next to the couch. The magazine had been a coaster at one point. She could see into the kitchen. He had no dirty dishes, except for the ones he used to make the brownies.


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