Bondage Belt Restraint System

Bondage Belt Restraint System
Open your bedroom to the world of bondage with this exciting collection of essentials - included in this restraint system is an adjustable waist belt, an under mattress strap, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 4 tethers, and a bonus flogger, satin mask, and sex position dice! Everything you need to begin your journey into bedroom bondage.
Turn your bedroom into a beginners dungeon - perfect for couples seeking to add a little kink to their nocturnal activities! The under mattress strap serves as the base to your bondage positioning - set the strap to the top or bottom of your mattress and attach the cuffs or adjustable waist belt to post and restrain your lover so you can have your way with them!
As a bonus, included with this system is a 17.5 inch flogger and satin mask so you can deny your lover sight as you punish them for their bad behavior. The sex position dice adds a little random kink to help you and your partner explore different ways to play!
Color: Black
Included: Adjustable bondage waist belt, under mattress strap, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 4 tethers, flogger, satin mask, sex dice

Thunder Wand 72X Silicone Heating Wand Massager

Get ready for a hot date with your favorite toy! This premium silicone wand has vibration and heating functions so you can enjoy the pleasurable buzz while getting your personal parts warmed up! Enjoy 6 speeds and 12 patterns of vibration with an added heating function that warms not only your body but also the water-based lube on the toy, as well. The handle of the wand is easy to hold and has a large display on the front of it so you can easily change settings whenever you wish. Press the buttons to explore what you desire! After use, recharge using the USC cable and magnetic end for up to 2 or 3 hours maximum. Use only water-based lubricants on this silicone toy. Wash with warm water and soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and store in a cool, dark place.
Relax into pleasure by grabbing your wand and your favorite lube. Turn on the toy and put some lube on the round, silicone head, then turn the heating function on. It will start to warm the lube up, and in no time at all you can rub the head of the toy on your sensitive, erogenous zones! Enjoy how your muscles relax and your circulation increases with the sensual, slippery, warm and wet lube and toy! Enjoy the experience, and when you’re done, simply wash it, charge it, and set it aside for next time!

Czarny seksowny knebel...

You deserve respect. They deserve proper care. Our luxurious Premium Garment Leather Silicone Ball Gag will bring you all of the respect that you deserve from appreciative submissives being bound in the finest materials.
We’ve selected the most supple black garment leather for the straps, which will feel smooth against your partner’s face. A soft black, drool-inducing silicone ball is strung onto two layers of leather securely sewn together, which is attached to wider leather straps with stylish and convenient D-rings, perfect for attaching reins or using as other creative points of attachments. The straps fasten in the back with a locking buckle, giving you the option for added security should you desire.
The ball is available in 2 sizes, 1.6 inches wide and 2 inches wide, to accommodate as many mouths as possible. Made from silicone, which has no taste or smell, it is completely body safe so you won’t have to worry about licking or absorbing any harmful chemicals or the material breaking down over time.
Constructed lovingly by hand by the kinky elves in our Los Angeles workshop to meet our highest quality standards.

Sex Machine for Couples or Solo Play

Sex Machine for Couples or Solo Play
The Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine caters for adventurous partners.
It has a dildo attachment as well as a stroker for him - allowing both partners to play to their heart’s content.
This portable sex machine is the perfect size for travel and is the ultimate complement to your naughty couples weekend.
A 6 inch King Cock dildo pleasures her, while the Pipedream Extreme Pussy pleasures him.
This couples sex machine comes with a wireless remote control and a USB-powered nipple clamp.
It comes with a feather tickler for extra sensation and the universal power adaptor ensures easy use.
This toy includes a travel duffle bag for easy handling.

Sex Machine

The love machine offers an experience like no other; it allows you to experience the pleasure of having a second or third person in the bedroom without anyone else being involved. This toy is guaranteed to satisfy your every desire.
The love machine is without a doubt the most versatile, ergonomic, powerful and discreet sex toy ever designed.
Sex Machine Key Features
One penis attachment included
Remote control to wirelessly change thrusting speeds and vibration strength
3 levels of vibration, from a mild vibration to a spine-tingling high
Adjustable height and angle to accommodate various sex positions
Comes in a discreet handbag style case with removable handles for the ultimate discretion and portability
Comes with knee pads within the handbag to make certain sex positions more comfortable
Easily remove the thrusting mechanism from the base to use as a handheld device
On opening the box you will discover a beautifully made stylish handbag, the toy is built into the handbag which makes for the ultimate discreet storage and travel companion (perfect for taking your love machine away). Guy’s, don’t panic if carrying a handbag isn’t really your style, simply don’t attach the removable handles to your bag and it looks more like a stylish carry case.
Unzip the handbag to reveal your new love machine - the ultimate automatic sex toy. The handbag also acts as the base for the toy allowing it to be positioned either on a bed, floor or any other practical surface that takes your fancy.
You can easily remove the unit from the hinge mechanism which is attached to the base of the bag, allowing the thruster to be handheld.
The handbag is also designed to carry all the attachments for the love machine - including, power cord, remote control, portable power pack (purchased separately), padded knee pads and sex toy attachments.

Vibrating Silicone Swirl Butt Plug

Vibrating Silicone Swirl Butt Plug
Enjoy the delicious swirling pattern of this Silicone Swirl butt plug! Plush and bumpy to provide a satisfying fill and an addictive mass for your ass to squeeze - perfect for use solo but can also be use with a lover to spice up your one on one time. Made with premium materials and equipped with a powerful motor for intense vibrations when needed!
Choose from 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibrations to send down this twists anal plug! Choose which function fits your or your partners preference and enjoy this plug in tandem with other naughty activities. Flip through all functions with the base controls or with the included wireless controller.
Made with premium phthalate free silicone for a luxurious and body safe experience. The IPX5 water resistant build makes this plug easy to clean and safe for use in the shower. Compatible with water based lubricants only.
Recharge with the included USB charging cable when the power runs low for unlimited fun!



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