Ever wanted to check out the  swingers clubs in Tokyo?
Tokyo has a vibrant underground scene of swingers clubs. By the way, in Japan, they call them “happening bars” or “kappuru kissa” (‘Kappuru’ meaning couple).
Kappuru ‘couples’ Kissas are swingers clubs in Tokyo where you can go and swap partners with other couples, or if you are single just pick random strangers to have sex with.
If you’re looking for Swingers in Tokyo, or in the mood to check out some BDSM clubs in Tokyo, then you have come to the right place.
Theoretically there is a distinction: a happening bar in Tokyo is for couples and singles, while a couple kissa in Tokyo caters to couples and perhaps single women.
Sometimes there are foreigner-friendly (Gaijin bars), but it’s rare. It always helps to speak at least some Japanese.
One of the most popular Gaijin happening bar in Tokyo was Club Silk, but it has long since closed its doors. Bliss Out is meant to be one of the more accessible clubs for non-Japanese.
A regular swingers club in Tokyo is almost always members-only, so you have to join first and pay an (expensive) membership fee. Then there will be the admission fee, which is a lot more if you are a single man than it is for swinging couples. It can also vary depending on the time of day. Admission for lifestyle couples and women is almost always cheaper than men. Sometimes it is even free for women, so horny ladies can have a lot of fun.
They do ask for IDs to get in, but most clubs do not photocopy them. If you are a foreigner, you must bring your passport. They rarely take a foreign drivers license as a valid ID.
Here’s a small list of the most popular swingers clubs in Tokyo
Bliss-Out in Shinjuku
Arabesque in Shinjuku San-chome
Olive 21 Swingers Club
Sleeping Beauty in Shibuya
Swingers Roppongi
There are also a lot of private house and hotel parties that are listed in local swingers sites in Japan, RedHotPie Asia is one of the best.

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