The love machine offers an experience like no other; it allows you to experience the pleasure of having a second or third person in the bedroom without anyone else being involved. This toy is guaranteed to satisfy your every desire.
The love machine is without a doubt the most versatile, ergonomic, powerful and discreet sex toy ever designed.
Sex Machine Key Features
One penis attachment included
Remote control to wirelessly change thrusting speeds and vibration strength
3 levels of vibration, from a mild vibration to a spine-tingling high
Adjustable height and angle to accommodate various sex positions
Comes in a discreet handbag style case with removable handles for the ultimate discretion and portability
Comes with knee pads within the handbag to make certain sex positions more comfortable
Easily remove the thrusting mechanism from the base to use as a handheld device
On opening the box you will discover a beautifully made stylish handbag, the toy is built into the handbag which makes for the ultimate discreet storage and travel companion (perfect for taking your love machine away). Guy’s, don’t panic if carrying a handbag isn’t really your style, simply don’t attach the removable handles to your bag and it looks more like a stylish carry case.
Unzip the handbag to reveal your new love machine - the ultimate automatic sex toy. The handbag also acts as the base for the toy allowing it to be positioned either on a bed, floor or any other practical surface that takes your fancy.
You can easily remove the unit from the hinge mechanism which is attached to the base of the bag, allowing the thruster to be handheld.
The handbag is also designed to carry all the attachments for the love machine - including, power cord, remote control, portable power pack (purchased separately), padded knee pads and sex toy attachments.
How to use the Sex Machine
Once you have opened your handbag, powered up the toy, chosen your attachment "which easily clicks into place" and turned on the power, the first thing to do is choose your position. With its 6 individual 180 degrees hinged mechanism the love machine uses an ingenious design allowing any position of the toy from a 45-degree angle in the raised position to 45 degrees angle in the lowered position, you can literally set the device in dozens of different positions. (see illustration).
This range of motion allows the toy to be used in most positions from missionary to doggy style.
Once you have chosen your position, apply some lubricant to the dildo and then using the simple remote-control you can choose to start with a slow thrusting motion to gently allow the thrust to insert the toy into you - then the real fun begins when you switch on the powerful vibration.
The love machine has 3 levels of vibration starting from low, then to medium and for those who like it kinky, going all the way up to intense. As the love machine is 35 watts the vibration mode on full is greater than just about any other toy on the market. The great thing is you can choose the level that suits you.
Once you are comfortable with the vibrations from you’re love machine you can use the remote control to govern the power of its thrust. The love machine thrusts range from a steady pace up to a mind-blowing 180 thrusts a minute. All this is controlled at your or your partner’s fingertips with the easy to use remote control.
The remote is simple to use, button A alters thrust, button B alters the vibration and for the real thrill-seekers there is button H, we think button H stands for a one-click climax as press this once and it will send the love machine into full thrust and full vibration mode.
Using the Sex Machine as a Couple
The ultimate couples toy, imagine your partner experiencing incredible thrusting penetration with a high powered dildo whilst they have the complete freedom to use both their hands and mouth. They can control the love machine or if they feel like submitting to you totally, you can use the remote control to determine their pleasure.
This experience is new to the vast majority of couples as most would not be comfortable introducing a third person into the bedroom.
You can now experience the amazing new dimension that the love machine brings, this is the nearest feeling to a ménage a Trois you will ever encounter. It is equally effective for both vagina or anal penetration so you can both share in the ultimate pleasure.
Solo pleasure
Until now masturbation is rarely a substitute for the real deal, well now the love machine will stimulate and penetrate your vulva or anus on command leaving your hands totally free to explore the rest of your body or genitalia with or without the extra stimulation of an additional sex toy. The love machine takes masturbation to a whole new level. For the ladies, the sex machine is an amazing lover in a handbag, for the guys it can free your partner up to explore your body fully, or for many guys an experience he has never had, full anal penetration whilst masturbating.

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