German Tabloid BILD Featuring Little Caprice & Marcello Bravo
Porn couple Marcello Bravo and Little Caprice, who are currently cooperating with star director Greg Lansky, are continuing on their path to success. After their appearance at last year’s VENUS and numerous gigs worldwide, Germany’s biggest and extremely influential tabloid BILD has just published a large portrait of the two.
According to BILD, the two Austrian porn stars have meanwhile earned millions. In the current industry climate, this alone is a real accomplishment. But the couple is also busy and hard-working in all areas – from their own PR to the choice of business partners to the forming of their own production company: they both know the business and know what matters.
And now BILD. An article in the large-circulation tabloid and in the subscription section of the digital edition is likely to attract an audience of millions. This means that they will continue to attract a great deal of attention in the future.
In other words, the best prerequisites for driving their careers to new heights both internationally and in the German-speaking world in 2019.

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