The perfect starter flogger

The perfect starter flogger
Lovely Black and Silver Flogger with a lovely black handle at 15cm, which is a great hand size with also a strap for safety. The flogger stripes are awesome metallic silver, which is something a little different in style in a bondage range.
Holding the flogger comfortably in your hand and slowly caressing your lover with the silver tassels can become a sensory overload, especially if you add to it a blindfold or some kind of restraint.
Once you have teased them a little you can step it up a notch with some light flogging, best to make sure you warm up the area first especially if this is your first time. With a warmed up area you can achieve a lot more pleasure than if it is a cold area, but maybe you like it that way it’s up to you. Make sure that you keep your Struggle My Flogger clean so give it a wipe down after use. Especially if you are using any cream, oils or lubes.

Warsaw Escort Night

Warsaw Escort Night
Warsaw’s nightlife is one of the best in Eastern Europe, with a multitude of bars and clubs scattered across the city.
The ‘hipper’ places are either truly worth visiting or too full of bravado, velvet ropes and bouncers.
In Warsaw is a many places to be see, so please to prepared to see lots of them with our beautiful Warsaw Escort Girls.
If you like to meet some new people/girls to explore beatuiful city, go around and have fun wit us.
The city Warsaw offer many nightspots, outdoor drinking areas, cafes, pubs ,museums, theatres and concert clubs.
Warsaw has officially established as one of Europe’s top nightlife destinations.
Warsaw it is the best city of Poland, amazing girls, nice and tasty restauran.
For the ultimate experience, alternate between the city’s hotspots and some of its finest cultural experiences, you will have it all: diversity, excitement and class with our Warsaw Escort Girls.

High Class Escorts Poland

High Class Escorts Poland
High Class Escorts Poland is a serious and exclusive Poland Escorts Agency Service of independent Girls and Men, working together to bring You an exotic and sophisticated experience. Available to VIPs and discerning gentlemen who require the highest standard in personal companionship. Sensual rapture, unforgettable scents, enchanting conversation – these are unforgettable experience with High Class Escorts Agency Service of Polish Ladies and Men. You are in or travel to another town and want to know facts and important locations in the city, you need someone to show you around, get you accustomed and informed at the same time. You do not want to go to an important meeting by yourself, and want to make a good impression upon your guests or fellow businessmen. You want to spend your leave in a pleasant company. You want to brighten up a dullest occasion or to make the most fascinating evening yet more charming. You want your deepest secret intimate dream to come true Here it is possible.

Gold Plated Nipplets

Gold Plated Nipplets
Opt for high impact accessories like this pair of 24K Gold Plated Nipplets for an ultimate bedroom statement. Handcrafted in France, luxurious 24K Gold Plated Nipplets are the perfect boudoir gift. Complete the look with the Tomoe Ouvert Wire Bra and Tomoe Harness Brief. Comes with the dermatologically tested adhesive circular strips for 1 wear.
The Brand
Bordelle is a niche and unique concept in womens’ lingerie and bodywear that combines true craftsmanship with groundbreaking designs, toying with themes of seduction and domination. The Bordelle aesthetic is characterised by body-con silhouettes and rooted in a proprietary technique that blends 24 carat gold plated hardware and customised satin elastic bands with an array of fabrics to create iconic pieces featuring a luxury S&M sensuality. Since launching in 2009 at Selfridges in London where bondage inspired girdle dresses sold out within 24 hours of arriving on the shop floor, Bordelle’s offering has expanded to include an evolving Signature line, a Bridal collection for the unconventional bride, a Swimwear capsule and atelier services such as Made to Measure and Ultimate Bespoke. Bordelle  is available to buy at handpicked department stores, fashion concept stores and specialist boutiques in over 20 countries worldwide. Now one of the only lingerie brands to be stocked alongside ready-to-wear labels, Bordelle continues to be designed and handmade by artisans in London and Europe. The unmistakably bondage aesthetic is developed and updated each season, while always remaining true to its original message: Memorable, provocative, and never without a reaction.
The Founder
Bordelle is the brainchild of founder Alexandra Popa who created the label to fill a gap in the market for experimental lingerie that blurs the lines between seduction and ready to wear. The idea was fuelled by a personal interest and preference in underpinnings with statement design, a luxury kink that appeared to only exist in vulgar form with poor attention to detail, fabrication and quality.
Armed with a degree and master in Economics and Management and a previous tenure at a small London based design studio, Alexandra developed the concept of Bordelle from her premises, independently financing it and working with freelance creatives to define and refine the luxury bondage aesthetic that has become so iconic. Having worked closely with designers in the past to bring her vision to life, Alexandra now designs the collections with the guidance of her technical team, scrutinising and personally fitting every style during the sampling process. Her lack of formal lingerie training was a blessing in disguise as it forced Bordelle to think outside the box in every approach. The originator of a unique and unconventional sizing system, Bordelle has broken down existing technical boundaries by being the first lingerie label to introduce new adjustment features to highly structured lingerie garments. This aesthetic and highly practical innovation enables Bordelle garments including structured bras, bodices and girdles  to transcend a range of sizes and be customised by each individual wearer.
The Team
The Bordelle team is united in vision and driven to continue to design outside the industry norms. All designs and patterns are created and graded exclusively by Bordelle and fitted and sampled in our West London studio. We are advocates of fair and sustainable production processes and only work with manufacturers who share our work ethics. From our design integrity that we strive to protect, to our online atelier and our highly customised services, we have made no compromises and we hope that the level of quality and design integrity is reflective in what we so passionately do. For an insight into our world, we invite you to browse through The World of Bordelle.

Clubs in Frankfurt

Clubs in Frankfurt
The city of Frankfurt is the financial and transportation centre of Germany and the fifth largest city in the country. Such is the impact of this city, it is the largest financial centre in the whole of continental Europe. It has a population of around 704,500 people. Frankfurt (Main) is a huge metropolitan area. The second largest in Germany. Approximately 5.6 million people live here. Frankfurt has a large number of international bank head offices. These include the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Federal Germany and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as many others. Transport systems in Frankfurt are leaders worldwide. Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest in the world and Frankfurt Central Rail Station is one of the largest. Therefore, these exceptional links, combined with the high level of financial and industrial business, means that strip clubs in Frankfurt are in a prime location for clientele.
Gentlemen clubs in Frankfurt have system in line with the very distinct style throughout Germany. The Champagne System is the commission structure used, similar to other gentlemen’s clubs throughout continental Europe. Clubs will limit the number of dancers as they offer fixed salaries as standard.
There is an unmistakable focus on the stage, unlike similar venues in neighbouring countries. Most clubs will offer show dollars’ and tipping of the striptease on stage is actively encouraged and expected. This is very similar to strip clubs in the USA. Strippers will often go into the crowd during performances to hustle extra tips. Feature shows do occur in some strip clubs in Frankfurt and almost all stage performances, for both showgirls and club dancers, will go fully nude.
Dances in Gentlemen clubs in Frankfurt
There is expectation for customers to provide drinks and bottles for the strippers if they engage in conversation and take the dancers’ time. This is due to girls earning commission on this. As a result the selling pace for lap dances is slower then countries such as the UK. The tipping system for the stage dancers, however, keeps things moving in the strip clubs in Frankfurt, so they are not necessarily quiet. Drinks for dancers start at around 30. Customers not used to this system can get caught out with this pricing structure. Drinks for exotic dancers and drinks for customers are not the same price. Lap dances start at around 50 for 2 songs. VIP private shows can run into the hundreds. There is something for everyone in strip clubs in Frankfurt.
Prostitution is legal in Germany and some of the clubs do offer extras. Consequently, a lot of them allow touching in the private dances. Therefore, this should be noted and the exact rules of specific venues should be established beforehand.
Strippers in Frankfurt tend to come from all over Europe, especially other Eurozone countries and eastern Europe where the economies are weaker. Furthermore, the central location and exceptional transport links mentioned make it a very easy and attractive location for girls to visit.

The Doxy Vibrator

The Doxy Wand Vibrator
A wave of the Doxy wand massager transports users to new heights of pleasure and intensity thanks to its patented weighted head mechanism. The powerful vibrations of the UK-made Doxy can be customized with its variable speed and pulse settings.
Make some magic tonight with the Doxy wand massager!
The Doxy was designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the growing demand for a more powerful, higher quality wand-style vibrator. This vibe is capable of reaching a top speed of 9000 rpm, and the unique aluminum weight and mechanism inside the Doxy's soft silicone head gives each pulse a strong, rumbling intensity that the majority of high-frequency buzzing vibes can't match. It also features a 3-meter cord, so your playtime won't be dictated by how close you are to a power outlet.
The powerful vibrations of the Doxy penetrate deep into the body, making it an excellent multipurpose massager, and the perfect tool for users who want the option to play hard and fast.



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