Premium Garment Leather Silicone Ball Gag

You deserve respect. They deserve proper care. Our luxurious Premium Garment Leather Silicone Ball Gag will bring you all of the respect that you deserve from appreciative submissives being bound in the finest materials.
We’ve selected the most supple black garment leather for the straps, which will feel smooth against your partner’s face. A soft black, drool-inducing silicone ball is strung onto two layers of leather securely sewn together, which is attached to wider leather straps with stylish and convenient D-rings, perfect for attaching reins or using as other creative points of attachments. The straps fasten in the back with a locking buckle, giving you the option for added security should you desire.
The ball is available in 2 sizes, 1.6 inches wide and 2 inches wide, to accommodate as many mouths as possible. Made from silicone, which has no taste or smell, it is completely body safe so you won’t have to worry about licking or absorbing any harmful chemicals or the material breaking down over time.
Constructed lovingly by hand by the kinky elves in our Los Angeles workshop to meet our highest quality standards.


At The Stockroom, our client's pleasure is our top priority which is why we are committed to bringing you the highest quality selection of products on the market. For those who like to experience pleasure through pain, look no further. We carry more than 20 different whips made from a range of materials including leather, rubber or horsehair. We are the exclusive carrier of Victor Tella's unique whips, such as the Wildcat Whip. This whip is known for its versatility – it can act as a flogger, single tail or cat-o-nine tails toy and is made from the finest kangaroo leather.
We also carry paddles, which are powerful impact tools and we offer them an array of materials. If you're into being in control, try out one of our canes. They come with rubber handles, suede handles or nylon handles and are made from different materials such as fiberglass, bamboo, and leather. We want you to find something for every fantasy, and our collection of floggers is a must have addition to any BDSM collection. Start with our our Mini-Flogger or our Teeny Weeny Flogger, both are small enough for you to easily transport in a purse, tote or luggage to be ready for any sexy opportunity. Slappers or straps are also convenient implements to take on the go, such as our handmade 3-Ply Leather Slapper.
Our whips and paddles can be enjoyed by anyone, from BDSM novices all the way to experienced players.


COME AND VISIT THE FETTERS SHOWROOM Situated in a reclaimed Mill on the banks of the Grand Union Canal, the Fetters store is our extensive showcase of cutting edge BDSM equipment, bondage furniture and adult apparel ready and waiting for you to explore. We are centrally located in the Historic town of Warwick, the Midlands, for the convenience of all our UK customers and are situated amongst sights such as the outstanding Warwick Castle. Our friendly long-term and highly experienced staff will be happy to assist you, whether you're a fetish first-timer or an experienced bondage expert. Available to see and buy in store: Fetters Playroom & Dungeon Furniture - Studio Gum Hoods & Accessories Metal Shackles & Restraints - Regulation Rubber Electro Sex Products - Leather and specialist restraints Lube and other essentials

Anniversary collection

Anniversary collection
Embellished with an intricate LELO pattern on the handle, 100% body-safe silicone and available in both black zinc and pink with 18K rose gold, these 12 limited-edition pleasure objects will have your imagination running wild with a sex toy gift set truly perfect for the person who has - or thinks they have - everything. The Anniversary Collection features 12 electrifyingly elegant products that are guaranteed to spice up your bedroom. With only 800 black zinc and 200 pink with premium 18K rose gold available in stock, these limited edition products are one of our most exclusive collections yet. 
*Limited Edition


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A visit from an Vienna callgirl at a late hour will be unforgettable. All Escort girls also offer completely private, classic house calls and hotel visits in Vienna – in Lower Austria and Upper Austria. Very popular and very relaxing massages home visits – Massage office visits and massage outcall service for maximum relaxation.
Let your  Escort girl be  your luck at an casino visit in Vienna or Baden, or even your attractive, skilful dinner partner at a candlelit dinner or for lunch. Our Escort Vienna has a lot to offer and our Viennese call girls you like to enjoy a leisure companion – Travel Companion – Event  Escort girl and Party Girls Vienna. Of course, our escorts also contribute particularly beautiful outfits and lingerie for special occasions on request.
You can celebrate wild parties with open-minded hostesses Vienna or book a girl for a strip show. Celebrate with our escort girls birthday parties – anniversaries or your bachelor party. Some escorts also offer active dominance with experienced, extensive role play and fetish escort. Ask about our Special Escort. Our Austrian escort girls are very popular and well booked, please call in time for a reservation and pre-order to give us the opportunity to comply your date in time and perfect to organize. We look forward to your call!

Is Sex With Robots Good For Your Health?

Many proponents of sex robots claim that sex robots will contribute to the sexual health of individuals and therefore might be also beneficial to societies all over the globe. Scientists though say that there should be much more research and studies before such a claim could be made.
In 2012 Science Direct published a study boldly predicting that by 2050 the oldest trade in the world would be taken over by robots. It said: »Amsterdam’s red light district will all be about android prostitutes who are clean of sexually transmitted infections, not smuggled in from Eastern Europe and forced into slavery, [and] the city council will have direct control over android sex workers controlling prices, hours of operations and sexual services.
Now a new study has been published in BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health. The authors are Susan Bewley and Chantal Cox-George and they studied general data about the effects of having sex with robots on human health.
Apparently their study remained inconclusive though. Bewley and Cox-George said: »We found no reports of primary data relating to health aspects of the use of sex robots. The overwhelmingly predominant market for sexbots will be unrelated to healthcare. Thus the ‘health’ arguments made for their benefits, as with so many advertised products, are rather specious. Currently, the ‘precautionary principle’ should reject the clinical use of sexbots until their postulated benefits, namely ‘harm limitation’ and ‘therapy’, have been tested empirically.«
The authors found several ideas and claims that sex robots might be beneficial to human health but no data supporting them. The areas they found ideas about were for one that sex with robots might be safer sex, they also found claims about the robots’ therapeutic potential, additional claims that they might have the potential to treat pedophiles and sex offenders, and more broadly that having sex with robots might change »societal norms«.


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