5 Fantasies She Wants You To Fulfill

I. Get Kinky With Me
I want you to take control! Use BONDAGE TOYS like handcuffs, blindfolds and paddles on me. I’m ready to play and feel a whole new world of pleasure.
II. Fill Me Up While Going Down
Let me be a greedy. Use a REALISTIC DILDO on me while burying your head between my legs. I’m dying to feel your mouth on me with a big toy inside me.
III. Mercilessly Tease My Clit To Multiple Orgasms
My sweet spot is so sensitive. The thought of you watching me have leg-shaking orgasms while you use a CLIT VIBE on me is such a turn on.
IV. Make Me Climax In Public
I want to wear sexy VIBRATING PANTIES on our next date night, and hand you the remote control. I can already feel myself squirming in my seat at dinner, and no one around us will know what we’re up to.
V. Bend Me Over And Play With My Backdoor
I want to feel the thrill of ANAL PLAY. There’s something so exciting about it. Butt plugs, beads, trainer kits – I want you to try them all on me.

Miss BadGirl, The specialist concerning games of lust and power - LET THE FLAMES EXPLODE

Miss BadGirl
The specialist concerning games of lust and power - LET THE FLAMES EXPLODE
Do not resist this temptation and experience my domination – moral doubts and boredom will  remain outside when you enter my world. Let your mind run free and enjoy your defencelessness. I will dominate you, use you, torture you and punish you. You will reach your borders and be safe in my hands. Let me show you the way!
As a young and cosmopolitan mistress I hold a huge collection of designer high heels, lingerie, dresses, jewellery and fur in stock. As a payslave you have found your money mistress. Rubber and leather are also available of course.
My  game will be adjusted to your preferences and taboos, bizarre, soft, dominant, erotic domination or sado-maso from mild to extreme – you will get what you need and receive what you deserve.
Write me an e-mail or give me a call to arrange an appointment, early notice is an advantage. I prepare prior to every session in order to create the perfect moment. Short notice and same day appointments are possible, it might be necessary to bring some waiting time.
I am looking forward to your visit!

Andrea, chica escort

A partir de hoy, Andres estará disponible en Ibiza durante una temporada, es una chica con una actitud despreocupada y una personalidad cautivadora, una chica escort de alto standing, en esencia es una señorita de espíritu libre, una muy buena acompañante para momentos especiales, su objetivo es brindar una experiencia memorable GFE, pero muy enfocada a la pasión desenfrenada, vibrante y divertida, habla un perfecto inglés ya que cursó estudios en Londres.
In English:
From today, Andrea will be available in Ibiza for a season, is a girl with a carefree attitude and a captivating personality, a high-class escort girl, essentially a free-spirited lady, a very good companion for special moments, her goal is to provide a memorable GFE experience, but very focused on unbridled, vibrant and fun passion, she speaks perfect English since she studied in London.

New G-spot Vibrators from You2Toys

New G-spot Vibrators from You2Toys
ORION Wholesale has expanded its extensive You2Toys assortment by adding two
promising G-spot vibrators to the sex toy range.
The pink G-spot vibrator, “Rechargeable G-spot Vibe” (item number 0591734 0000), stands out from the rest because of its clitoral stimulator and ‘knocking’ ball in the tip which stimulate a woman’s G-spot and clitoris or a man’s prostate and perineum. The 8 vibration modes are there for providing additional rhythmic ecstasy. The G-spot vibrator can be recharged with the included USB cable.
There is a powerful motor hiding inside the new pink vibrator, “High Speed Good Times” (item number 0590789 0000), which is in a classic G-spot vibrator design.
The battery-operated G-spot vibrator reaches the female G-spot really easily, thanks to the curved, egg-shape tip on top of the straight shaft. The 10 powerful vibration modes provide additional stimulation and there’s a perfect vibration mode for every occasion.
The  vibrations can be adjusted at the push of a button.
The new highlights from You2Toys are delivered in high-quality packaging. There is a description of the product in various languages on the packaging as well.
For orders and further information please contact:
ORION Wholesale

There Is A Vibrator For 1 Million Dollar On The Market

The Australian silversmith Colin Burn is offering a pricey, pricey treat. His vibrator Pearl Royale might make a very special lady very happy. Or broke. The price tag? 1 Million Dollar. 
The jeweler is looking for a store in the US to showcase his mighty vibrator called Pearl Royale as a centerpiece of an exhibition called »olisbos«, which is the Greek word for »dildo«.
In an interview with the New York Post, he said: »My inspiration was to create something that shows the value people place on sex.« He is confident he might find a buyer. He said a lot of people »spend lots of money for the experiences of owning Maseratis and the like.« So why not treat yourself or your wife with a costly pleasure toy?
Burn isn’t just playing a stunt here. He is in the business of creating and selling luxurious and costly sex toys for over 15 years. In the past, he sold a white-and-gold dildo for $38,0000, a gold-egg vibrator for $25,000 and a special whip made out of human hair and a gold handle for $19,000.
The Pearl Royale Vibrator has a body made out of platinum and comes with 2,000 diamonds, including royal-blue sapphires and expensive diamonds. To start the toy the potential owner will get a key made out of platinum as well.
Apparently Burn created two Pearl Royale, but he will only sell one. The prototype had to be used for testing … Burn said: »The real one is in a vault. We don’t want to soil it.«

The French Are Busted (Pornhub Spells Their Secrets)

The French Are Busted (Pornhub Spells Their Secrets)
French porn viewers got busted! The tube site Pornhub released a lot of interesting data about the way French consumers view their porn. The insight into the porn habits of La Grande Nation was created after Journal du Geek asked Pornhub several questions mostly concerned with the technical devices used to access Pornhub.
Apparently French viewers are not as keen to switch to smartphones and other mobile devices. An average of 70% of all visitors to Pornhub tend to use mobile devices, in France only 61% use them to access Pornhub.
The numbers differ slightly among the sexes. 33% of French women still use desktop or laptop devices to go to Pornhub, only 25% of French men do the same.
Pornhub said: »Our statisticians also found that mobile usage was highest among French visitors in the 25-to-34 age group. 18-to-24-year-olds were just as likely to be using desktop computers as visitors aged 35 to 44. Visitors over the age of 65 are 110 percent more likely to be using desktop computers when compared to all other age groups.«
There is also a slight difference to French behavior when it comes to the choice of their browsers. Pornhub explained: »Chrome is by far the most popular web browser among France’s desktop users, but it’s actually 6 percent less popular when compared to the world, while Firefox is 31 percent more popular in France. On mobile devices, Chrome browser is 12 percent more popular in France, and the default Samsung branded browser is 34 percent more popular in France than the world.«
While the search words »anal«, »ebony«, »French« and »Lesbian« are the most popular video categories on Android as well as Apple devices, there is a slight difference in the popularity of »hentai«. Android users look for hentai porn more often than Apple users. On the other hand, Apple users prefer »big tits« as well as the categories »popular with women«, »ass« and »hardcore«. Android users prefer »Indian«, »Cosplay« and »Cartoon« compared to Apple users.


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