Unleash Ultimate Prostate Pleasure!

Unleash Ultimate Prostate Pleasure!
4 toys in 1 handy kit!
From beginner to advanced play, this silicone anal kit has everything you need for incredible P-gasms! Start rippled and small, go bigger and curvy, boost your shaft during your P-Spot workout, and be swept away by intense anal vibrations.
<> Designed for ultimate prostate stimulation
<> Includes 4 ultra-smooth silicone anal toys
<> 3.5” x 1” Bubble Plug’s ripples are great for beginners
<> Graduate to the sensual shape of the 4.5” x 1.25” Curvy Plug
<> Plug and play simultaneously with the Penis Ring & Plug Combo
<> 5.6” Anal Vibe blasts your P-Spot with powerful speed
<> Entire kit is waterproof
<> Vibe takes 1 AA battery (sold separately)
Ever been curious about prostate exploration? Dive right in with this 4 piece all-in-one kit! Each toy is crafted from flexible, luxurious silicone and is sized just right to tickle your P-Spot. All you need to do is add lube and you’re ready for an ultra-smooth experience.
Beginners may want to start with the smallest toy, the Bubble Plug. This plug’s rippled surface acts like anal beads, letting you take in as much as you desire. Or go right for the Curvy Plug for a smooth yet satisfying slide.
Feel like an anal expert yet? Try out the Penis Ring & Plug Combo. Slide the stretchy ring over your shaft for a boost of strength and pleasure, then guide the attached 1.5” thick plug right into your rear! Finally, give your P-Spot a good buzz and big stimulation with the powerful single-speed Anal Vibe. Just thread a finger through the control loop and thrust for big fun.


With the Barbara Bra from Colette & Sebastian, there is no hiding your beauty. The cut-out style of the cups is what makes this piece so alluring. There are no fabric panels or lace overlays to hide anything. The adjustable straps that cut and curve across your bust showcase your form. Put yourself out there with glorious exposure. *Panties and thigh highs not included.
81% Polyamide, 19% Elastane.
Size/Band Size:
Small (32) / 26 - 28 in.
Medium (34) / 28 - 30 in.
Large (36) / 30 - 32 in.
*This item is excluded from returns and exchanges.


No matter what you seek, this kit gives you the ability to explore your options! A blindfold for intensity, wrist cuffs for restraint, and tender tie-downs to loop around railings, bedposts and furniture make this the perfect introduction to bondage play. Each cuff and blindfold comes lined in incredibly soft black faux fur for comfort and additionally sexy sensations. These accoutrements also pair perfectly with Black Label Liberator Shapes.


Take tease to another level.
Experience the thrill of being angled high and held down. Savor every sight, sound, scent, and taste as your lover masters your anticipation as much as the action. The Ramp delivers a 10-14 inch rise, making from-behind and other mattress moves more satisfying and longer lasting through angled positioning to accentuate sensitivity and ergonomic support. The incline of the Shape is also ideal for off-the-bed positions and girl-on-top by lifting and providing a deeper connection. With the option of four connector points, there is no end to the opportunities for creativity and playful restraint.

Collar w/ Red Scalloped Edge

Collar w/ Red Scalloped Edge
This gorgeous Buckling Collar has stylish red soft scalloped edges. It is handstiched with high-quality black and red leather.
It matches our Cuffs w/Scalloped Edges, and our Firecracker line, and looks great with a red leather leash. Designed and manufactured by our own crew. It's available in three different sizes, but each size has many holes for adjustability.
Each collar has a 1" D-Ring and a Lockable Roller Buckle which accepts a padlock, but doesn't need one to stay closed. The collar is 2¼" wide.
• Small: (J365) 10” to 15”
• Medium: (J366) 12” to 17”
• Large: (J367) 15” to 20”

Peony Engraved Wooden Spanking Paddle, Ebony Pine

Peony Engraved Wooden Spanking Paddle, Ebony Pine
This handcrafted solid wood paddle is where heavy play meets high art. Made from a single piece that is shaped, smoothed, engraved and finished. Beautiful on the shelf, powerful on impact.
The meticulously carved floral pattern leaves its mark on impact. The heavier the landing, the longer the mark will last. This paddle is forward-balanced for a strong swing and its round striking surface makes for a precise landing. The thickness of the wood makes for a stiff, decisive impact. Use the smooth side for prolonged spanking, use the engraved side to stamp the flesh or to grip it!
The design is beautifully intricate. Every edge is rounded, sanded, and finished. The grip is comfortable and the edges give into the skin for a nice, even impact. Give your play a touch of ritual.
Product Details:
Body: Pine or Oak, finished 
Length: 12” 
Thickness: ¾” 
Striking surface: 5” round


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