WELLCUM – the largest Wellness & Spa FKK Club and Hotel in Austria

WELLCUM – the largest Wellness & Spa FKK Club and Hotel in Austria
Set on 7,000 m2, in Hohenthurn, a truly spine-tingling experience is awaiting you. Right at the Italian border, this place will fulfil your every desire. The facilities including a jacuzzi, in and outdoor saunas, a heated outdoor pool and an open fireplace will make your stay a breathtaking experience.
Philosophy and Guest Reception
Satisfaction and enjoyment of our male and female guests are our highest priority. Our club offers high-quality pleasures at the best level of service. Visit us and check this out on your own in WELLCUM.
Right at the entrance, in the greeting room, you are welcomed by our highly trained, friendly staff speaking different languages (German, Italian, English, Slovenian, Russian, and Ukrainian) who explain to you the entire sequence of service in the club. They are also ready to answer all your questions and give you any additional explanations.
Our Special Offers!
Enjoy culinary excellence with delicious food, fine wines and high-end champagne. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about returning home late at night, just stay in one of our 24 comfortable rooms. Watch the sun rise over the majestic Carinthian mountains. Our club is located near Villach. Every night you find beautiful ladies at our club. They are our special guests and to get a better impression of the girls, please visit the website of veniamo.it – A picture tells more than thousand words.Come and visit our Nightclub!


Business type meetings often make us think of an uptight atmosphere and an unpleasant obligation. Indeed, this sort of thinking often turns out to be not far from reality. But does it have to be this way? There’s nothing stopping us from making a business meeting turn into pleasure and a way to get to know the business partners better in a casual, party type environment. Why throwing such an event at a night club might actually be a good idea?
Every businessman knows how important it is to maintain good relations with business partners. Although it might seem that the relations of that kind mostly depend on what our company has to offer, the reality is that the communication between people as well as mutual sympathy and trust also play a huge role. We are used to do many things indirectly these days: over the phone or by sending an e-mail. Plenty of people really do find this form easier and more convenient, but it’s hard not to notice that it’s also pretty dull and faceless. On the other hand, there’s a lot of people who are tired of such approach and miss the actual face-to-face meetings. It’s only during a direct contact when we are able to tell if our business partner gets our sympathy and trust, and if there’s a genuine connection between us. Sometimes we might be bored of the habit of obsessively separating business and personal relations and simply want to go from the impersonal, formal relations with business partners to slightly closer and more friendly relations.
Of course, in order to win over a potential business partner, we have to organize the meeting as professionally as possible. The first thing our partner will be paying attention to is our appearance – a clean suit and a well-ironed shirt always do the trick here. It is also very important to take care of the actual contents. The best choice is to temporarily „get ourselves in the shoes” of our client and think about what might catch their interest and what type of questions they might ask us. Such tactic makes it much easier to prepare comprehensive, eloquent answers. There’s one more good thing about this type of approach: if our business partner turns out to be rather passive, it is easy for us to take charge. Since we arranged the meeting for a particular reason, we can’t let our partner leave it without getting the key info that we would have to send them later.
Another very important thing is choosing the right venue to host the meeting. Most people go for reliable, yet kind of dull and uninspired solutions, such as conference rooms. Others would rather break the ice by offering a dinner together at a fancy restaurant. Such approach surely has its benefits: it lets us mix business with pleasure and gain a positive impression of our business partners. We can even go a step further and offer a meeting at a gentlemen’s club. It’s an idea that’s gaining popularity and enjoys a growing number of supporters. What are the benefits of such solution?
First and foremost, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the atmosphere that is present during most business related meetings. They’re often accompanied with stress, mutual distrust and a formal vibe. Arranging a get-together at a night club will cause the relaxed, casual atmosphere of the place to rub off on the participants. Not to mention that by offering an unconventional meeting scenario, we show our business partners that such unorthodox solutions are not above us, that we are creative and like to think outside the box. Hanging out at a club helps combine making professional decisions with celebrating them. It also helps turn the relationship from strictly business to slightly more familiar and warmhearted.
A good night club will give us an environment to discuss business matters in peace, while also providing us with fun and entertainment. Introducing a swinging mood can start really early: there are clubs with business options that provide transportation to the venue. Another important attraction is a chance to try delicious food made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Upscale clubs hire great chefs who can turn even the basic dishes into true masterpieces. The dining experience can obviously be accompanied by high quality alcohols.
A good choice is a club with a wide range of top-notch drinks to offer: from beer to champagne and wine all the way to vodka and whiskey. A cherry on the top would be carefully orchestrated performances by professional dancers. This type of performance not only provides an opportunity to admire female beauty, but also has a lot of artistic value. All of these attractions can turn business meetings from an unpleasant obligation to genuine fun.

The Submission Of Emma Marx 2: Boundaries

See How That "50 Shades" Movie Should've Been Made!
Don't miss the uncensored version that Showtime can't show!
From award-winning director Jacky St. James.
See the project that convinced a mainstream Hollywood director to try her hand at writing – and directing – explicit adult erotica.
Emma Marx (the alluring Penny Pax) continues her training as Mr. Frederick's contract submissive. As she tries to understand Emma's new life, Emma's sister Naudia (Riley Reid) takes hubby aside and adds a blindfold to their next bedroom tryst.
Meanwhile, Emma's BDSM life jumps ahead with one breathtaking scene of submission after another. As her moans fill the room, what will be the next level for Emma? See Penny's lovely form crawling, begging for attention, consensually tied up in so many ways as handsome Mr. Frederick (Richie Calhoun) grooms her for an office-inspired assignation – with a man. Who's the lucky guy? And can Emma keep up? Get your copy today of this classy underground hit – and be pleasantly surprised.
High-end explicit adult erotica based on BDSM
Starring Penny Pax and Richie Calhoun
Learn the ropes through a rich menu of dominant/submissive behavior
DVD extras include behind the scenes, outtakes, pick your pleasure, trailers and photo gallery
145 minutes + 41 minutes of extras
Penny Pax is the go-to gal for adult projects requiring acting. She's been nominated for a slew of industry awards, and when the time is ripe, there is no doubt she'll bring the gold home with her special combination of acting and sexual performance. "I'm a sucker for happy endings," says Penny in the behind the scenes featurette on this DVD.
Writer/director Jacky St. James brings a fresh female perspective to adult filmmaking. Through her characters she explores the effects of lifestyle choices and the changes that can happen. Is it as simple as Naudia's new-found interest in a vegan diet? That's up to you.
See Riley Reid portray Naudia's delightfully ditzy character with cheerful gusto (and a pretty hot body in black bra, thong, garter, heels and hose!).
Free of ponderous rides in gliders and expensive Hollywood sets built for millions of dollars, adult erotica like The Submission Of Emma Marx: Boundaries DVD can delve into the intimate details you hunger for and want more of.

Uprize Remote Vibrating Dildo

Uprize Remote Vibrating Dildo
If you love to watch the show as an erection manifests, this is the dildo for you! With rippling ridges along the top of its silky-smooth silicone shaft and a realistic-looking head, Uprize is the first auto-erecting vibrating dildo featuring a newly-patented technology that lets you choose when it stands tall (plus a suction base, so you can decide where). With a wireless remote control that offers hands-free fun or varying options for partner play--or operate it without the remote, if you prefer. Enjoy ten modes of vibration, with three levels of intensity and seven unique patterns. Super-smooth silicone curves upwards for rigid G-spot or prostate stimulation, and it's waterproof for enhancing your aquatic adventures. Harness-compatible, but it's recommended that the harness be placed around the suction base and not the base of the shaft, which is a moving part of the Uprize. Please note: the toy's erection function is only to be used outside of the body. Once inserted, that function is not recommended. 
USB rechargeable for worldwide use and eco-friendly play; charge fully before initial use and expect an 150 minute charge to yield 60 minutes of use. Equipped with a travel lock – to use, press and hold both buttons for five seconds to turn on/off. Both buttons will flash as an indication the lock has been engaged. Use with water-based lubricant only and clean with mild soap and water. The Uprize is waterproof but the remote is not.


DAYLIGHT Beach Club, the most sought-after Las Vegas dayclub destination on the iconic strip, returns for 2018!  This season you’ll be see jaw-dropping performances from Grammy-nominated artist Rick Ross, and super-producer and DJ Duke Dumont, who have announced their 2018 residencies. Week after week, artists such as Cedric Gervais, Morgan Page, OoKay, Bassjackers and Steve Powers will give electrifying performances in the 50,000 square foot open-air entertainment venue. Click here for info on dress code and other questions.
DAYLIGHT boasts a luxurious 4,400-square-foot main pool, as well as two additional VIP pools for the use of cabana guests, two private ultra-VIP bungalows with private dipping pools, 23 private VIP cabanas, 25 u-shaped banquettes with plush fabric, and 30 VIP daybeds. Email daylightvip@daylightvegas.com for reservations. DAYLIGHT’s 1,400-square-foot elevated stage offers unobstructed, up-close-and-personal views of DJ and artist performances, with state-of-the-art LED screens, lighting and special effects.

The perfect night for me

Many people ask me how does a perfect night look for me. Like any other girl, I like to be spoiled, but I also I like to spoil the gentleman with which I spend the night. As a Vienna escort, I know best how to spoil men and how to make them happy with unforgettable moments.
An essential component of a perfect night is definitely passion. Also, details like sexy lingerie, expensive champagne and red roses complete the image of great moments shared with a wonderful man. Nothing compares to offering some high quality pleasure to each other all night long, because of course, a great night does not involve sleeping. I try to make every night a special one, and I’m very happy when I see that the man next to me is happy and satisfied.
All the senses have to be spoiled when it comes to creating an unforgettable night. Arousing scents, beautiful lingerie, sexy music, perhaps some jazz, strawberries and cream and the gentle touch of silk sheets, they all contribute to an experience that involves all your senses and makes you forget about everything. Oh, and let’s not forget about a romantic atmosphere with some dim light and candles, an atmosphere that makes room for more intimacy and lets us discover together our wild sides!
And of course, inevitably we have to talk about the best part of the night, the sexual one. Of course, sex is different from person to person, because each and every one of us is unique, our desires and pleasures are unique. But thankfully, since I’m the best escort Vienna you can find, I know how to recognize and guess what every man likes and to fulfill every fantasy he has.
What’s most important, however, is that we take our time and relax. We can share together great experiences if only we forget about our daily problems and let our imagination run wild. One perfect night can make you forget all the worries and stress and leave you with an unforgettable memory of love and passion.


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