There Is A Vibrator For 1 Million Dollar On The Market

The Australian silversmith Colin Burn is offering a pricey, pricey treat. His vibrator Pearl Royale might make a very special lady very happy. Or broke. The price tag? 1 Million Dollar. 
The jeweler is looking for a store in the US to showcase his mighty vibrator called Pearl Royale as a centerpiece of an exhibition called »olisbos«, which is the Greek word for »dildo«.
In an interview with the New York Post, he said: »My inspiration was to create something that shows the value people place on sex.« He is confident he might find a buyer. He said a lot of people »spend lots of money for the experiences of owning Maseratis and the like.« So why not treat yourself or your wife with a costly pleasure toy?
Burn isn’t just playing a stunt here. He is in the business of creating and selling luxurious and costly sex toys for over 15 years. In the past, he sold a white-and-gold dildo for $38,0000, a gold-egg vibrator for $25,000 and a special whip made out of human hair and a gold handle for $19,000.
The Pearl Royale Vibrator has a body made out of platinum and comes with 2,000 diamonds, including royal-blue sapphires and expensive diamonds. To start the toy the potential owner will get a key made out of platinum as well.
Apparently Burn created two Pearl Royale, but he will only sell one. The prototype had to be used for testing … Burn said: »The real one is in a vault. We don’t want to soil it.«

The French Are Busted (Pornhub Spells Their Secrets)

The French Are Busted (Pornhub Spells Their Secrets)
French porn viewers got busted! The tube site Pornhub released a lot of interesting data about the way French consumers view their porn. The insight into the porn habits of La Grande Nation was created after Journal du Geek asked Pornhub several questions mostly concerned with the technical devices used to access Pornhub.
Apparently French viewers are not as keen to switch to smartphones and other mobile devices. An average of 70% of all visitors to Pornhub tend to use mobile devices, in France only 61% use them to access Pornhub.
The numbers differ slightly among the sexes. 33% of French women still use desktop or laptop devices to go to Pornhub, only 25% of French men do the same.
Pornhub said: »Our statisticians also found that mobile usage was highest among French visitors in the 25-to-34 age group. 18-to-24-year-olds were just as likely to be using desktop computers as visitors aged 35 to 44. Visitors over the age of 65 are 110 percent more likely to be using desktop computers when compared to all other age groups.«
There is also a slight difference to French behavior when it comes to the choice of their browsers. Pornhub explained: »Chrome is by far the most popular web browser among France’s desktop users, but it’s actually 6 percent less popular when compared to the world, while Firefox is 31 percent more popular in France. On mobile devices, Chrome browser is 12 percent more popular in France, and the default Samsung branded browser is 34 percent more popular in France than the world.«
While the search words »anal«, »ebony«, »French« and »Lesbian« are the most popular video categories on Android as well as Apple devices, there is a slight difference in the popularity of »hentai«. Android users look for hentai porn more often than Apple users. On the other hand, Apple users prefer »big tits« as well as the categories »popular with women«, »ass« and »hardcore«. Android users prefer »Indian«, »Cosplay« and »Cartoon« compared to Apple users.

Four in one sweep for the 22nd VENUS

Berlin, May 2018. From the 11th to the 14th of October 2018, the VENUS will take place for the 22nd time in the Berlin Exhibition Hall under the Funkturm. The faces that will represent the fair this year are now also fixed: Micaela Schäfer, Lexy Roxx, Lucy Cat and Schnuggie91 are the names of the four who will soon promote thousands of posters in and around Berlin for the biggest erotic event in Europe. Also online, in the social media and at some events is vigorously the advertising drum stirred.
Micaela Schäfer is clearly in favor of the VENUS brand and is already firmly on the inventory: “I am now VENUS ambassador for the seventh time and very proud of it. I not only love the VENUS, I live it. The fair is my personal highlight – every year. You never stop learning in all areas of life and this is especially true for lifestyle and eroticism. I am particularly looking forward to being the brand ambassador for tolerance and free sexuality again this year”, she explains, adding with a wink:” If you want to put it this way, I’m the Angela Merkel of the erotic fair “.
Germany’s red star in the porn sky, Lexy Roxx, is here for the second time: “I am very happy that VENUS has chosen me as their face a second time. I will again host my Redroxxday on Saturday of VENUS and look forward to seeing many visitors in red outfits”, she says.
The first time on the VENUS posters is Lucy Cat from the amateur platform MyDirtyHobby: “In the future, I plan to put my focus on Youtube a bit more, which is precisely why I want to fulfill one or two wishes in advance – when it comes to my erotic For me, this definitely includes being the face of VENUS, the fair is simply a legendary instance when it comes to eroticism, so I’m all the more pleased that it has actually worked out and I’m the face of VENUS 2018”, explains Lucy Cat.
Also a VENUS poster newbie this year is Schnuggie91, also known by MyDirtyHobby: “Basically, I’m extremely picky about public appearances and press. However, when the request came for the VENUS, I did not have to think long. I am honored to be one of the faces of the VENUS as a normal girl. I’m the way I am, and I think it’s good that the industry and the VENUS are important, if you’re real.
“The fans of the erotic lifestyle will also get their money’s worth this year and Berlin, as every year, can look forward to four hot days.”.


Welcome to the realm of heightened pleasure of the senses…
The Relax-Nightclub is the biggest & most exclusive Gentlemen’s club in Hamburg. The enamoring ambience caters to the exquisite and unique requirements of our patrons.
Our mission is to make our Guests feel welcome and at ease on every occasion and we specialize in catering to the many moods and desires of our wide clientele.
Naturally we offer absolute confidentiality so you can enjoy your time with us and be very relaxed and make every occasion a memorable one. Celebrate a sensational firework display of your senses and move a step closer into the breathtaking world of fantasy @ Relax.
Whether you wish to just chill and have a drink from our exquisite selection of wine, champagne and spirits or get to know out hostess or two or three in a more private surrounding – Our Cozy Bar caters to your every desire. Obviously, you will choose the hostess or two or three and will witness an ever enamoring Striptease and Lap dance.
Our state of the art facilities include themed, elegant and plush rooms … We also boast  a whirlpool and caters to the more adventurous clients we have…
Whatever your desires – Relax – and you choose from our range of comforts and ecstasy.
During our opening hours you will find up to 40 gorgeous Ladies at our Bar. Our interdependent international Ladies are between 21-years and 40 years young and promise to provide you with an excellent service. Customer satisfaction is not only our first priority – it is the first priority for the hostesses as well… 
Naturally you can make use of our wellness area during your unlimited stay with us. Our Ladies always look forward to a “Steamy Sauna” or a “Whirl In The Pool”
Even if you just come to enjoy a glass of Champagne or a Whiskey on the rocks at RELAX – we Welcome you to Relax and enjoy the surroundings. We offer one the greatest selection of Champagne including the Dom Perignon Series. Not to mention our Magnum bottles of up to 9 liters are always ready to be served. 
We also provide a wide range of Havana Cigars, which are stored using state of the art equipment and environment in our Humidor. Our Service team is not only focused on making your stay a special… but also to make it the most memorable – please do not feel hesitant to ask for anything throughout the evening. 
Our Motto is: Come to the Best, Relax and you are sure to forget the Rest. Relax Nightclub.
We look forward to it.
All Major Credit Cards are accepted at the Bar as well with our international Ladies. Billing discretion is also catered for.

Unleash Ultimate Prostate Pleasure!

Unleash Ultimate Prostate Pleasure!
4 toys in 1 handy kit!
From beginner to advanced play, this silicone anal kit has everything you need for incredible P-gasms! Start rippled and small, go bigger and curvy, boost your shaft during your P-Spot workout, and be swept away by intense anal vibrations.
<> Designed for ultimate prostate stimulation
<> Includes 4 ultra-smooth silicone anal toys
<> 3.5” x 1” Bubble Plug’s ripples are great for beginners
<> Graduate to the sensual shape of the 4.5” x 1.25” Curvy Plug
<> Plug and play simultaneously with the Penis Ring & Plug Combo
<> 5.6” Anal Vibe blasts your P-Spot with powerful speed
<> Entire kit is waterproof
<> Vibe takes 1 AA battery (sold separately)
Ever been curious about prostate exploration? Dive right in with this 4 piece all-in-one kit! Each toy is crafted from flexible, luxurious silicone and is sized just right to tickle your P-Spot. All you need to do is add lube and you’re ready for an ultra-smooth experience.
Beginners may want to start with the smallest toy, the Bubble Plug. This plug’s rippled surface acts like anal beads, letting you take in as much as you desire. Or go right for the Curvy Plug for a smooth yet satisfying slide.
Feel like an anal expert yet? Try out the Penis Ring & Plug Combo. Slide the stretchy ring over your shaft for a boost of strength and pleasure, then guide the attached 1.5” thick plug right into your rear! Finally, give your P-Spot a good buzz and big stimulation with the powerful single-speed Anal Vibe. Just thread a finger through the control loop and thrust for big fun.


With the Barbara Bra from Colette & Sebastian, there is no hiding your beauty. The cut-out style of the cups is what makes this piece so alluring. There are no fabric panels or lace overlays to hide anything. The adjustable straps that cut and curve across your bust showcase your form. Put yourself out there with glorious exposure. *Panties and thigh highs not included.
81% Polyamide, 19% Elastane.
Size/Band Size:
Small (32) / 26 - 28 in.
Medium (34) / 28 - 30 in.
Large (36) / 30 - 32 in.
*This item is excluded from returns and exchanges.



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