No matter what you seek, this kit gives you the ability to explore your options! A blindfold for intensity, wrist cuffs for restraint, and tender tie-downs to loop around railings, bedposts and furniture make this the perfect introduction to bondage play. Each cuff and blindfold comes lined in incredibly soft black faux fur for comfort and additionally sexy sensations. These accoutrements also pair perfectly with Black Label Liberator Shapes.


Take tease to another level.
Experience the thrill of being angled high and held down. Savor every sight, sound, scent, and taste as your lover masters your anticipation as much as the action. The Ramp delivers a 10-14 inch rise, making from-behind and other mattress moves more satisfying and longer lasting through angled positioning to accentuate sensitivity and ergonomic support. The incline of the Shape is also ideal for off-the-bed positions and girl-on-top by lifting and providing a deeper connection. With the option of four connector points, there is no end to the opportunities for creativity and playful restraint.

Collar w/ Red Scalloped Edge

Collar w/ Red Scalloped Edge
This gorgeous Buckling Collar has stylish red soft scalloped edges. It is handstiched with high-quality black and red leather.
It matches our Cuffs w/Scalloped Edges, and our Firecracker line, and looks great with a red leather leash. Designed and manufactured by our own crew. It's available in three different sizes, but each size has many holes for adjustability.
Each collar has a 1" D-Ring and a Lockable Roller Buckle which accepts a padlock, but doesn't need one to stay closed. The collar is 2¼" wide.
• Small: (J365) 10” to 15”
• Medium: (J366) 12” to 17”
• Large: (J367) 15” to 20”

Peony Engraved Wooden Spanking Paddle, Ebony Pine

Peony Engraved Wooden Spanking Paddle, Ebony Pine
This handcrafted solid wood paddle is where heavy play meets high art. Made from a single piece that is shaped, smoothed, engraved and finished. Beautiful on the shelf, powerful on impact.
The meticulously carved floral pattern leaves its mark on impact. The heavier the landing, the longer the mark will last. This paddle is forward-balanced for a strong swing and its round striking surface makes for a precise landing. The thickness of the wood makes for a stiff, decisive impact. Use the smooth side for prolonged spanking, use the engraved side to stamp the flesh or to grip it!
The design is beautifully intricate. Every edge is rounded, sanded, and finished. The grip is comfortable and the edges give into the skin for a nice, even impact. Give your play a touch of ritual.
Product Details:
Body: Pine or Oak, finished 
Length: 12” 
Thickness: ¾” 
Striking surface: 5” round

WELLCUM – the largest Wellness & Spa FKK Club and Hotel in Austria

WELLCUM – the largest Wellness & Spa FKK Club and Hotel in Austria
Set on 7,000 m2, in Hohenthurn, a truly spine-tingling experience is awaiting you. Right at the Italian border, this place will fulfil your every desire. The facilities including a jacuzzi, in and outdoor saunas, a heated outdoor pool and an open fireplace will make your stay a breathtaking experience.
Philosophy and Guest Reception
Satisfaction and enjoyment of our male and female guests are our highest priority. Our club offers high-quality pleasures at the best level of service. Visit us and check this out on your own in WELLCUM.
Right at the entrance, in the greeting room, you are welcomed by our highly trained, friendly staff speaking different languages (German, Italian, English, Slovenian, Russian, and Ukrainian) who explain to you the entire sequence of service in the club. They are also ready to answer all your questions and give you any additional explanations.
Our Special Offers!
Enjoy culinary excellence with delicious food, fine wines and high-end champagne. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about returning home late at night, just stay in one of our 24 comfortable rooms. Watch the sun rise over the majestic Carinthian mountains. Our club is located near Villach. Every night you find beautiful ladies at our club. They are our special guests and to get a better impression of the girls, please visit the website of veniamo.it – A picture tells more than thousand words.Come and visit our Nightclub!


Business type meetings often make us think of an uptight atmosphere and an unpleasant obligation. Indeed, this sort of thinking often turns out to be not far from reality. But does it have to be this way? There’s nothing stopping us from making a business meeting turn into pleasure and a way to get to know the business partners better in a casual, party type environment. Why throwing such an event at a night club might actually be a good idea?
Every businessman knows how important it is to maintain good relations with business partners. Although it might seem that the relations of that kind mostly depend on what our company has to offer, the reality is that the communication between people as well as mutual sympathy and trust also play a huge role. We are used to do many things indirectly these days: over the phone or by sending an e-mail. Plenty of people really do find this form easier and more convenient, but it’s hard not to notice that it’s also pretty dull and faceless. On the other hand, there’s a lot of people who are tired of such approach and miss the actual face-to-face meetings. It’s only during a direct contact when we are able to tell if our business partner gets our sympathy and trust, and if there’s a genuine connection between us. Sometimes we might be bored of the habit of obsessively separating business and personal relations and simply want to go from the impersonal, formal relations with business partners to slightly closer and more friendly relations.
Of course, in order to win over a potential business partner, we have to organize the meeting as professionally as possible. The first thing our partner will be paying attention to is our appearance – a clean suit and a well-ironed shirt always do the trick here. It is also very important to take care of the actual contents. The best choice is to temporarily „get ourselves in the shoes” of our client and think about what might catch their interest and what type of questions they might ask us. Such tactic makes it much easier to prepare comprehensive, eloquent answers. There’s one more good thing about this type of approach: if our business partner turns out to be rather passive, it is easy for us to take charge. Since we arranged the meeting for a particular reason, we can’t let our partner leave it without getting the key info that we would have to send them later.
Another very important thing is choosing the right venue to host the meeting. Most people go for reliable, yet kind of dull and uninspired solutions, such as conference rooms. Others would rather break the ice by offering a dinner together at a fancy restaurant. Such approach surely has its benefits: it lets us mix business with pleasure and gain a positive impression of our business partners. We can even go a step further and offer a meeting at a gentlemen’s club. It’s an idea that’s gaining popularity and enjoys a growing number of supporters. What are the benefits of such solution?
First and foremost, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the atmosphere that is present during most business related meetings. They’re often accompanied with stress, mutual distrust and a formal vibe. Arranging a get-together at a night club will cause the relaxed, casual atmosphere of the place to rub off on the participants. Not to mention that by offering an unconventional meeting scenario, we show our business partners that such unorthodox solutions are not above us, that we are creative and like to think outside the box. Hanging out at a club helps combine making professional decisions with celebrating them. It also helps turn the relationship from strictly business to slightly more familiar and warmhearted.
A good night club will give us an environment to discuss business matters in peace, while also providing us with fun and entertainment. Introducing a swinging mood can start really early: there are clubs with business options that provide transportation to the venue. Another important attraction is a chance to try delicious food made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Upscale clubs hire great chefs who can turn even the basic dishes into true masterpieces. The dining experience can obviously be accompanied by high quality alcohols.
A good choice is a club with a wide range of top-notch drinks to offer: from beer to champagne and wine all the way to vodka and whiskey. A cherry on the top would be carefully orchestrated performances by professional dancers. This type of performance not only provides an opportunity to admire female beauty, but also has a lot of artistic value. All of these attractions can turn business meetings from an unpleasant obligation to genuine fun.



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