Elite VIP Escort New York City GFE Companion Breya Lynn

I see you’re interested in me..
So let’s get this show on the road.
My name is Breya Lynn. I’m just your well-above-average girl next door that reigns over your fantasies. Blonde, bubbly, fun, entertaining, (not the least bit modest), and a lover of all things indulgent and coveted.
Allow me to take you on an adventure, free you of the confines of a rigidly scheduled life, and allow you to relish in that thing we all miss and chase in our adult lives: absolute carefree fun. Our saga begins when you first lay eyes on me. I’m a vision to behold, better than you even imagined. Dressed to the nines, manicured, primped, and polished. (I did mention my lack of modesty, didn’t I?) The butterflies in your belly are fluttering about as we continue to get to know each other over a glass (ok let’s get real, a bottle) of wine accompanied by an exquisite meal. It is not long before you are thoroughly charmed by my quick-witted dry humor, bright blue-eyed gaze, and coy smile. That’s how it all begins, but where it goes from there is entirely up to us.
The people I keep around in my life are truly amazing and I hope to add you to that list. With me you’ll find an intriguing blend of a classic lady and traditional ideals, but with an unconventional flare. I love to be wooed by a gentleman that loves to impress, pamper, and court his dream date. I make no apologies about living a very charmed and lavish lifestyle that I have grown to expect. Rest assured that while I may not be the “earthy” type, I am certainly down to earth. Though I hold myself in the highest esteem, I make no room for arrogance and aim to make you feel at ease, relaxed, and make you laugh until you cry.
See you soon!

Charlotte, Prague Escort Companion...

Are You Looking For Me?
It's with pleasure that i welcome you on my website. If you are reading these few lines, it's because you're looking for the elite, an luxury escort girl, incomparable, with education and knowledge to delight you.
I am an intelligent, well behaved and of course very pretty sexy young girl of 26 years. I have dark brown hair and my fit body is a real dream. As a high class escort girl I love to spoil the gentleman and to cause him unforgettable moments. I am sensual and very passionate in everything I do. I am ambitious and I like to reach my dreams and my goals. I believe in love, miracles and law of attraction. I like peace and harmony. I like you to discover and explore my naughty side.
I am positive, honest, friendly, uncomplicated and I am always trying to solve everything easily and without conflicts. I am polite, loyal and tolerant to others and I respect differences of culture or opinion.
I love to explore different personalities and I like to talk and listen to people around me. I enjoy good food, travel, love to go shopping I love laughing and I do often! I love intelligent and charismatic gentlemen, especially if they know how to treat a woman. I love sexual adventures. I have always at luxury lingerie and love to wear high heels. You are and will always be beautiful moments spend with me. Of course I’m happy to accommodate your wishes. Let me know if I should wear something specific, so that we experience a hot intimate time.
Don't waste any more precious time, contact me...
Lots of Love & Kisses,

Nevada Luxury Companion - Alice Little

Hello, and welcome to my website! I’m Alice Little, the #1 Companion of the Year at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. I’m a petite, Irish lady standing just 4’8″ tall! I am often described as vibrant, intelligent, kind, friendly, and warm. Putting other’s at ease comes naturally to me- so I know we will become fast friends!
As you visit my website, I encourage you to learn more about me, the experiences I provide, and to read through my various blog posts. You’ll discover i’m a very unique individual even amongst my fellow sex workers! Over my career, I’ve been honored to receive a number of awards that reflect the quality of service that I provide. Each encounter is intimate, personal, and incredibly erotic. As the two-time  #1 Companion of the Year , you can relax and trust in my experience and expertise. In addition to an array of glowing reviews, I am an internationally acclaimed Sex and BDSM Presenter.
My philosophy is that intimacy is a need, and far too often that need goes unmet. I seek to fill that particular need, as well as fulfill many other roles. Have something on your bucket list? Let’s cross it off. Looking to lose ‘It’? Virgins are always welcome in my bedroom. Struggling with an ED condition? Let my expertise be of comfort. My services aren’t limited to just men- I often spend time with couples and single women too! Sexually, I love to explore. I’m bi-sexual, and always excited for an encounter involving two girls! Roleplay, kink, and fetish are just some examples of the types of play I personally enjoy. I’m very open minded, and would love to hear about what you have in mind for the two of us!
Please keep in mind that my services are available by appointment only. As a Carson City Local, I’m often available with as little as an hour’s notice! Simply reach out to me via e-mail at alicelittle@bunnyranch.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting you soon!
I enjoy good conversation especially when that includes enjoyable company! I am comfortable in any situation and would love to show you some of my favorite places around town. Sexually, my desires are varied but my greatest pleasure comes from knowing that you’re enjoying yourself too! I enjoy kissing, touching, mutual massages, and trying new positions. If there’s something you’d like to try, just let me know! I’m very open to discussing your fantasies, and turning them into reality.

Heather Harlow, Luxury International Executive Companion

Heather Harlow, Luxury International Executive Companion
Heather is a forty-something highly regarded companion that stands 5'9' flat footed and I weigh about 139 pounds. She workouts 6 days a week which includes high intensity cardio and weight lifting.  Being fit is a lifestyle that keeps her centered, well balanced, and most importantly--healthy! She is a woman that has the verve for the best that life has to offer. So while Heather appreciates a fine champagne, she also enjoys a cold one when going to a sporting event or lounging around the pool. She has a love for the beach--especially boating on your yacht perhaps, or boating down the Colorado River soaking up the sun. Harley rides up the 101 on a beautiful, scenic back road is her idea of pure bliss. 
She admits she is a foodie, so if you want to try that great new restaurant or explore and find the best steak and seafood in town, it's a sure way to her heart! There is nothing more she loves than great food, great company, and a lot of laughter. Heather has a goofy, girlish sense of humor so, a man that can make her laugh is a perfect match for her. 
Furthermore, Heather is passport ready and will travel wherever the heart desires! She has the opportunity to travel abroad and when doing so, she appreciates flying first class with her hotel being top-notch.
Of course Heather appreciates receiving gifts from her wishlist and it adds to the excitement of the date. They are never expected but when you do surprise her, be ready for a sensual and soft "Thank You" kiss. Heather looks forward to creating the fantasies and memories that you have been yearning! 
P.S.- So there are no misunderstandings, she has set 10 guidelines on her etiquette page as gentle reminders. They are all pretty straight-forward and obvious, but she asks that you review them before contacting her and keep them in mind during your meeting.
The World is YOUR Oyster,

Isobella, Elite Seattle Escort Luxury Companion

Elite Seattle Escort Luxury Companion
Introducing Isobella
I consider myself a Renaissance woman. I pride myself on my education and my knowledge of current events as well as my diverse tastes in many areas including art, dance, music, fashion and cooking delectable food. I'm passionate about other cultures and I love to travel. My work experiences have been multi-faceted: I've been a woodworker, metalworker, sculptor, seamstress, dancer, and florist—to name a few. I've explored and experienced life from various vantage points, which gives me the ability to connect with you on multiple levels.
My body is statuesque and firm with an olive complexion, adorned with long, curly dark brown hair. I am a mixture of European and Latin American descent.  Although you will not see it in my photos, which have been edited for my privacy, I do have a discretely placed tattoo. If you do not care for body art then perhaps your time would be better spent with another lovely lady.
I take pride in my appearance and maintain my health through exercise, eating well and simply enjoying a rich and beautiful life. My friends have described my personality as so soothing that it seems to have an other-worldly quality.
I am a thoughtful and sensual companion. I can be coy and sultry, or strong and assertive, depending on your mood and needs. It is of the utmost importance to me to create a safe and inviting space for you to relax and enjoy yourself in. I consider our time together sacred and I will never reveal any aspect of it to another. I'd like to know you in any way you choose to share yourself with me. You can feel confident that I will not judge you and that I will do my best to meet you on your level.  
While I am receptive to the spontaneous fling, I'd prefer to develop our friendship over time. I am open-minded and experimental, intrigued by the unique qualities of each person that I meet. Whatever your predilections are...I cherish them.  I am the ideal companion for the adventure of our making.

Viktoria aus Apart Escort

Viktoria aus Apart Escort
Unsere neue Escort Dame Viktoria ist eine bildschöne Lady mit einem makellosen Traumkörper. Sie hat ein wunderschönes Gesicht und strahlt viel Natürlichkeit aus. Wenn diese Dame Sie mit ihren großen, blauen Augen anschaut, vergessen Sie garantiert alles Andere um sich herum. Viktoria hat eine sehr positive Ausstrahlung, welche Sie sofort in ihren Bann ziehen wird. An dieser Lady stimmt einfach alles. Ihre weichen Gesichtszüge und ihre vollen, sinnlichen Lippen runden ihr Erscheinungsbild ab und regen zum Träumen an. Sie ist sehr schlank und besitzt dennoch eine anziehende Weiblichkeit. Ihre sanfte Haut und ihr erotischer Körper erwecken das Bedürfnis, mehr über diese interessante Escort-Dame zu erfahren.
Viktoria ist eine natürliche Schönheit, die liebt; was sie macht und eine authentische Sinnlichkeit ausstrahlt. Gepaart mit ihrer kessen Persönlichkeit, bleiben bei ihr keine Wünsche offen. Viktoria ist eine gute Zuhörerin und ebenso für kultivierte Gespräche zu haben. Die Zeit mit ihr verspricht Abwechslung und ist in jedem Fall ein Abenteuer mit vielen leidenschaftlichen Höhepunkten. Sie ist eine umgängliche und herzliche Person, die voller Überraschungen steckt. Viktoria ist ein Diamant, der viele Facetten besitzt. Ungezwungen und mit großer Natürlichkeit kreiert sie auf sympathische Art und Weise eine erotische Atmosphäre, die Lust auf mehr macht.
Verbringen Sie tolle gemeinsame Stunden voller Leidenschaft mit unserer neuen Escort-Dame Viktoria. Lassen Sie sich von der Natürlichkeit dieser tollen Frau beeindrucken und freuen Sie sich auf inspirierende Gespräche. Genießen sie zusammen mit unserer Escort-Dame Viktoria ein kulinarisches Erlebnis und danach tolle Stunden der Zweisamkeit, mit dieser Dame möchten Sie definitiv mehr Zeit verbringen. Auch wenn es Ihre Zeit mal nicht hergibt, lassen Sie den stressigen Alltag für ein paar Stunden mit unserer Viktoria hinter sich!


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